Risk Management Services Commercial Insurance Program

Commercial Insurance Program

The Office of Risk Management Services (RMS) assists Departments when it becomes necessary to purchase insurance for risks not covered by the self-insurance programs. It is not always possible to secure such insurance, as the ability of WSU to purchase commercial insurance is subject to approval by the State Department of Enterprise Services (DES). If authorized by DES, WSU departments may obtain insurance through the insurance broker under contract with DES, or through outside insurance providers with approval from DES. The following is a list of various commercial insurance policies that are available. Others may be available for specific activities as needed. Departments requesting these insurance policies generally bear the cost of the premium. Unless otherwise indicated, contact the RMS office at 335-6893 for more information.

  • Athletic Medical and Catastrophic Insurance – Covers injuries to athletes participating in sports in WSU’s Intercollegiate Athletics programs. Contact the Athletic Business Office at 335-0320.
  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance – Covers boilers and pressure vessel equipment should they explode, implode, etc.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance – Covers WSU construction projects. Contact Facilities Services at 335-9002.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Covers loss or damage to buildings, building contents, and electronic data processing (EDP) equipment.
  • Commercial Property Buy-Down Insurance – Permits departments with property on the commercial property policy to reduce the deductible.
  • Crop Insurance – Covers growing crops (wheat, barley, peas, etc.) from fire, wind, hail, etc.
  • Fine Arts Insurance – Covers fine arts and collectible objects for permanent and loaned collections.
  • Foreign Liability Insurance – Faculty/Staff – Provides worldwide liability coverage, excluding the U.S., its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico and countries under U.S. Government Sanctions.
  • Students International Medical Insurance – Covers health care for International Programs’ Education Abroad students. Available for purchase by students through International Programs at 335-6920.
  • Liability for Camps and Sports Camps – Covers any illness, injury, accidental death or dismemberment to campers regardless of fault.
  • Liability for Children’s Centers – Covers injury, accidental death or dismemberment to children in WSU nursery schools and day care centers.
  • Special Events Insurance – Covers injury, accidental death or dismemberment to participants of most events and can be tailored specifically for special events, e.g. performances, symposiums, fairs.
  • Property Insurance – Employee Relocation – Contact Purchasing Services at 335-3541.
  • Property and Liability Insurance – Aviation/Aircraft and Marine/Watercraft – Covers aircraft and watercraft excluded from the State’s Self-Insurance Liability Program.
  • Public Employees Commercial Crime Bond – Covers losses sustained through the fraudulent or dishonest acts of employees.
  • Research Equipment Insurance – Covers loss or damage to research equipment in WSU-owned or leased building. Policy offers an option to provide coverage for research equipment while in transit, use and storage world-wide. Lead time to acquire coverage is usually 60 to 90 days. Contact RMS at 335-6893 for current premium rates and deductibles.
  • Student Intern Professional Liability Insurance – Provides liability insurance to interns participating in off-campus internships while in a non-medical practicum at off-locations not under the control and supervision of WSU employees. Please see Student Liability page for more information.
  • Student Medical Professional Liability Insurance – Provides insurance to interns while in a required clinical practicum at off-campus locations not under the control and supervision of WSU employees. Please see Student Liability page for more information.
  • Medical Insurance – Employees, Students and Graduate Students – Contact Benefit Services at 335-1472.
  • Notary Bonds – Application procedures for new notary appointments or renewal of existing notary public bonds.