Washington State University Risk Management Services

COVID-19 Return to Campus/Worksite Checklist and Plan Process for Review and Approval for Unit Plans

WSU units seeking to resume activities allowed by Washington’s phases, and have employees return to campus/worksite need to:

  • Complete this Checklist
  • Develop a Return to Campus/Worksite plan.


Once a unit has completed the checklist and used it to draft its plan, it must submit the plan for review and approval through the following steps:

  1. PHEPTF review:   Submit to the Public Health Emergency Planning Task Force. The completed checklist and plan should be sent to Ellen Taylor ellen.b.taylor@wsu.edu and Jason Abrams jason.abrams@wsu.edu for review by the task force’s review panel on Mondays at 1:30 p.m.
  2. RMAG review for higher risk plans: If during the PHEPTF panel review, there are high-risk issues relating to density, traffic or other elements that need additional review, the plan and checklist will be referred to the Risk Management Advisory Group, which reviews plans on Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. The completed checklist and plan (with any updates from the PHEPTF review) should be sent to Sharyl Kammerzell sharyl.kammerzell@wsu.edu and Karen Shaw karen.shaw@wsu.edu.
  3. Cabinet approval: Following PHEPTF and RMAG review where required, the respective senior leadership (dean, vice president, chancellor) for the unit submits the checklist and plan to President’s Cabinet for review. Cabinet submissions should be sent to Chris Hoyt christine.hoyt@wsu.edu. At this stage the Incident Command System will be given copies of plans for informational purposes.
  4. Unit implementation: After a unit’s plan is approved, they are expected to carry it out and be responsive to new guidance as it becomes available. Relevant senior leaders – vice presidents, chancellors or provosts – are responsible for oversight upon implementation.

Additional Information– Review and decision process for plans.


Mission Statement

Risk Management Services exists to provide protection and conservation of State of Washington and WSU resources (people, property, and money) through the management of risk. Risk Management includes loss prevention and mitigation activities, the purchase of insurance coverage, and self insurance programs.


Accident Prevention Program

WSU’s Accident Prevention Program (APP) promotes employee health and safety. WSU’s Safety Policies and Procedures Manual documents how WSU intends to provide a safe and productive work environment, conforming to State rules at the University level. These policies and procedures provide general guidance. Colleges, departments, and/or areas must develop more specific procedures establishing safe work practices for WSU’s diverse work environments. WSU EHSRMS’ APP is provided as a template for colleges, departments, and/or areas use. Only those APP chapters applicable to area work activities require development. Occasionally, establishing safe procedures for unique work activities or environments may necessitate additional APP chapters, or significantly revising template chapters.

Latest News

If you are a WSU employee traveling internationally on WSU-related business, please register your travel. See International Travel for more information, including the international travel insurance provided at no additional cost to WSU employees.



EHS RMS Accident Prevention Program Template

Your college, department or area safety committee is an excellent resource for APP development. The APP should be reviewed regularly by the safety committee and modified as necessary in response to workplace near misses or incidents or changes to State rules and regulations. Contact EHS for assistance. EHS should be consulted if template chapters are changed significantly or if new chapters are required to ensure rule compliance. Ultimately the APP serves as a resource for WSU employees seeking guidance, and wanting to work safely.

Safety Policies Procedures Manual: Accident Prevention Responsibility