Washington State University Risk Management Services
COVID-19 Return to Workplace Process Updated 6/15/21

Each college, campus, or area must have their vice president, chancellor, dean, leader and/or their designee perform the following steps:

Designate a COVID coordinator for their respective campus, college, or area. This person is responsible for monitoring this webpage for updates to COVID operational guidance and communicating those updates to their respective areas. Additionally, this person should ensure area compliance with the most current guidance.

Designated COVID coordinators will only be required at the college, campus, and area levels; however, some units or departments under those areas may choose to also designate a COVID coordinator. For example, the College of Arts and Sciences will be required to have a COVID coordinator, and the School of Music may also choose to have a COVID coordinator.
Direct all units under their purview to follow the current WSU COVID Workplace Guidance, listed on the Environmental Health and Safety COVID-19 Work Plan.

Document the name and contact information for their COVID coordinator as well their agreement to follow the most current guidance online.

All COVID coordinators will receive an email confirming their role and expected duties and an invitation to join Microsoft Teams COVID Coordinators. Updates to return to workplace and campus guidance will be provided via the COVID Coordinators team.
If the above steps are completed, campuses, colleges, and areas do not need to complete an RMAG review for returning to campus/workplace. However, RMAG is available to provide an optional review to anyone who requests it.


Covid-19 Events Plan Process- (University Department Sponsored Activities) Updated 7/13/2021

Indoor and outdoor guidance effective June 30

Effective 12:01 AM on June 30, all industry sectors previously covered by guidance in the Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery or the Safe Start Reopening Plan may return to usual capacity and operations, with limited exceptions for large indoor events (any event with more than 10,000 simultaneous participants in an indoor, enclosed space.)

Reopening guidance:

  • Vaccine verification/negative testing: Recommended but not required for large indoor and outdoor events
  • Capacity limitations: No restrictions in restaurants, bars, stores, businesses, theaters etc. (except large indoor events)
  • Physical distancing: No requirements
  • Facial coverings: Not required for vaccinated individuals, unless required by individual business
  • Travelers: Follow CDC recommendations

*Some exceptions will include schools and childcare centers that will continue to have some facial coverings and physical distancing requirements.

Requirements for places of employment issued by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries have been updated here. This resource continues to detail options for fully vaccinated workers to go without a mask, methods for verification of worker vaccination status, choices workers have to continue to mask up and other updated guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the job and help employers meet their obligations to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Effective 7/13/21-Given the recent changes in state and local guidelines, evolving University COVID processes, and  return to normal operations, the Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG)  no longer needs to review events.

Please remember that  federal and state COVID guidelines, restrictions, and processes  continue to change and should be reviewed prior to your event.

If you hold an event and plan to check vaccination status, please remember it may only be a visual confirmation, you should absolutely not be keeping a record of individual’s vaccination status.

If you have any additional questions in regards to COVID guidelines and protocols, please reach out to Hailey Rupp  hrupp@wsu.edu  in the President’s Office.

For additional information or resources please contact your area COVID coordinator.

Information  can also be found on Environmental Health and Safety website  Environmental Health & Safety | Washington State University (wsu.edu)

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact Risk Management   riskmanagement@wsu.edu


Covid-19 Student Events Process for Review and Approval-  (Student Sponsored Activities)

WSU Student Club/Org seeking to hold a group meeting, information table or event allowable by Washington Ready , must registered through COUG Presence

To register student sponsored event:  go to Student Involvement  for more information.


Mission Statement

Risk Management Services exists to provide protection and conservation of State of Washington and WSU resources (people, property, and money) through the management of risk. Risk Management includes loss prevention and mitigation activities, the purchase of insurance coverage, and self insurance programs.


Accident Prevention Program

WSU’s Accident Prevention Program (APP) promotes employee health and safety. WSU’s Safety Policies and Procedures Manual documents how WSU intends to provide a safe and productive work environment, conforming to State rules at the University level. These policies and procedures provide general guidance. Colleges, departments, and/or areas must develop more specific procedures establishing safe work practices for WSU’s diverse work environments. WSU EHSRMS’ APP is provided as a template for colleges, departments, and/or areas use. Only those APP chapters applicable to area work activities require development. Occasionally, establishing safe procedures for unique work activities or environments may necessitate additional APP chapters, or significantly revising template chapters.

Latest News

If you are a WSU employee traveling internationally on WSU-related business, please register your travel. See International Travel for more information, including the international travel insurance provided at no additional cost to WSU employees.



EHS RMS Accident Prevention Program Template

Your college, department or area safety committee is an excellent resource for APP development. The APP should be reviewed regularly by the safety committee and modified as necessary in response to workplace near misses or incidents or changes to State rules and regulations. Contact EHS for assistance. EHS should be consulted if template chapters are changed significantly or if new chapters are required to ensure rule compliance. Ultimately the APP serves as a resource for WSU employees seeking guidance, and wanting to work safely.

Safety Policies Procedures Manual: Accident Prevention Responsibility